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Approval In Stuart, Florida

Approval in Stuart, Florida We got another client approved for disability insurance benefits, this time out of Stuart, Florida.  Client came to our office with a denial of benefits from Lincoln Financial.  The insurance company denied benefits based on no medical evidence in support of claim.  The insurance company claims they made 3 separate requests for medical records from the facility but was having difficulty in obtaining a response.  At the time of denial, the insurance company stated they had only received medical records from one doctor for two dates of service. When speaking with the client, it was apparent
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The Insurance Company Isn’t Automatically Right

The insurance company said it, but does that mean they’re right? A former client came to us with a letter stating that his benefits had been denied since 2017, despite the fact that we had gotten his benefits reinstated and paid for the past five years.  The letter also stated that he owed the insurance company all the money the insurer had sent him for the past five years as an overpayment.  The letter also stated that the client was being sent to a collections agency for the money they claimed he owed (on the first notice no less). After
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