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Fibromyalgia as a Disabling Condition

Fibromyalgia (fibro) is a condition that we frequently see among the disabling conditions preventing our clients from being able to work.  The Mayo Clinic defines Fibromyalgia as “a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain and spinal cord process painful and nonpainful signals.”   Disability Insurance Companies Often Attack Fibromyalgia Cases If you read what people with fibro go through online, it may sound like a condition that would be an easy win for a disability claimant.  Unfortunately, that is
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Disability Insurance Benefits Approved in Brandon, Florida

Approval in Brandon, Florida Client from Brandon, Florida came to us suffering from multi-level herniated disks with nerve impingement, concussion, headaches, impaired cognition, carpal tunnel, thoracic sprain, as well as other medical conditions.   The insurance company denied the claimant based on the file review, a reviewing neurologist’s opinion, and the opinion of a treating physician who agreed with the reviewing neurologist.   Upon appeal, Coffman Law was successful in overcoming a denial supported not only by the insurance company’s medical expert but by a treating physician signing off on the insurer’s medical expert’s opinion by demonstrating disability and obtaining
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Approval in Spring Hill, Florida

Approval In Spring Hill, Florida Coffman Law has successfully obtained another client approval in Spring Hill, Florida for disability insurance benefits.   A client came to us with conditions including lupus, autonomic dysautonomia, severe migraines, orthostatic dyspnea, among other issues. Despite medical evidence provided to the insurer, the claimant was denied by the insurance company, which stated the client could perform other occupations and did not meet the employer’s definition of disability based on the report of a vocational specialist.   After diligent representation during the administrative process including an independent medical examination in support of her claim, Coffman Law
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