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Small Business Saturday

Small business Saturday will be on November 24, 2018.  Coffman Law definitely qualifies to take part in the celebration of small business success. Coffman Law is a small firm that started in 2003 and has 5 employees (including the attorney).  This allows us to treat all our clients as individuals and know and address them by name and be familiar with their case.  The way we are set up and run things at our office, it is common for anyone who answers the phone to be able to assist the caller, even if that employee has not dealt with the
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Love Your Lawyer Day 2018

Today is Love Your Lawyer Day! To celebrate, and share the love, we’re posting a short piece about our managing partner of Coffman Law, William S. Coffman Jr. Let’s talk about our lawyer, William Coffman.  Mr. Coffman started Coffman Law in 2003 and has practiced disability insurance litigation, primarily under the ERISA statute, since its inception.  Coffman Law focuses on getting clients the money they deserve for disability insurance benefits they paid in to. Mr. Coffman has a J.D. from Cleveland State University, MFA from University of Arkansas at Fayetville, a M.A. from Johns Hopkins University, and a B.A. from
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