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Treasure Hunt

Do You Have Unclaimed Money? Ready for a treasure hunt?  Most of the clients we represent are amidst one of the biggest financial struggles of their lives.  We have made a separate BLOG article with ideas on how to save money and get through the tough times.  But we would also like to direct our Florida clients to a website to check and see if there is unclaimed money that they are owed.  Visit and click on “Search Unclaimed Property”.  You may then enter your name and review the list to see if you have any money that you
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Contingency Based Fee Agreements

Contingent on Contingency A contingency fee agreement means that the attorney only gets paid if they obtain money for you.  When it comes to ERISA disability law, signing a contract with a lawyer willing to work on a contingency basis has certain advantages.   ERISA disability cases are governed by a federal statute that controls the amount of time parties have to respond to each step of the process.  Obtaining and reviewing a claim file and ERISA plan documents takes time.  Ordering and handling invoices for medical records, following up with doctors, compiling medical evidence, writing and sending an appeal,
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Duty to Provide Medical Evidence Doesn’t End on Approval

Some people believe that if they are awarded disability benefits from a private insurance company that their responsibility to continue to prove they cannot work is over.  However, the duty to provide medical evidence doesn’t end on approval.   The insurance company will want continued proof that you are unable to work.  This requires updated medical records.  Doctors’ opinions must also continue to support an inability to work.  Forms must be completed occasionally to show continuing restrictions and limitations.   To most people, when a doctor says you are totally and permanently disabled, that means, well, totally and permanently.  Unfortunately,
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