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Appealing a Disability Claim

Appealing a Disability Claim Appealing a disability claim should not be just a matter of sending in a letter that says, “I appeal”.  The disability insurance company may render a final denial based on the reasons set forth in the original denial letter.  While you can find a list of reasons we have compiled as to why your claim may have been denied, it often comes down to the insurance company not believing you are disabled.  This is often based on the opinions of physicians the insurance company relies on who have reviewed your file. While the appeal process requires that
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4th of July 2018

Happy 4th of July 2018! 4th of July 2018 falls on a Wednesday this year.  While you kick back with friends, family, loved ones, or even by yourself, please be careful so there is not a need to open a new disability claim!  The good news is that we’ll be open and ready to help the next day if you need us. Wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day from Coffman Law.  Remembering the birth of our nation and freedoms that we fought for and enjoy today. If you liked this article, please consider sharing it!
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