Return To Work Ultimatum

Return To Work Ultimatum

People go out of work for any number of reasons: disabling medical conditions, family crises, COVID-19, and other leaves of absence.  However, sometimes your employer issues an ultimatum: return to work  or lose your job.

At this point, a consultation with an attorney can often prove valuable.  If you are medically unable to return to work and your employer insists that you return to work or lose your job, the initial question is whether your employer is covered by the Family Medical Leave Act and whether it applies to your situation.  The next question is whether you have a short-term disability plan through your employer and a treating physician who believes you are unable to return to work at this time.  You will also want to find out whether you have long-term disability coverage, and whether you have sufficient work credits to qualify for social security disability benefits.

There are multiple, intricate factors that may affect your ability to file each kind of claim and speaking with an experienced attorney may help you prevent a mistake that would keep you from being entitled to the benefits you need. If you have been told to return to work or lose your job but are medically unable to return to work, an attorney can be a valuable ally in explaining your options.

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