Love and Disability

Love and Disability – It’s Not Easy

Love and relationships are challenging enough as it is.  Becoming disabled can create untold pressure on people.  Losing one’s ability to work can impact identity.   Many disabling medical conditions involve chronic daily pain, while some impact mobility.  Many medications have side effects.   Some disabling medical conditions and medications can impact cognition and memory.   Reduced income can strain household budgets or go beyond straining budgets.   All of these things can pressure relationships and impact state of mind.  A denial of disability benefits can cause very strained times, not only for the disabled person, but for the entire family.  It takes a lot to maintain a positive attitude under such circumstances.  Cremeens Law Group PLLC takes this seriously and works diligently to help resolve your disability case.  If you are going through a long-term disability dispute, call our office to see if we can help.