Discussions With Your Doctors and Disability Insurance

Discussions with your doctor often include the reason for your visit, how you’re doing overall, and any plans for treatment that may be important.  The more issues or ailments you suffer from, the more in-depth these conversations tend to be.  It’s surprising then, how often we learn that clients have never discussed their disability or disability insurance with their doctors.


Talk to your doctors about your disability insurance

You should let your doctors know what you’re going through with the disability insurance company.  Aside from the obvious importance of your doctors and medical records to your claim, your doctors should be aware of your financial position and many will work with you if you cannot afford to pay co-pays or in the unfortunate event you lose your health insurance.


Don’t limit your discussions to only one doctor 

Simply because a doctor isn’t a specialist for the conditions for which you are seeking disability benefits doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t discuss medical conditions for which they do not treat you with them.  These conditions can still be noted during your visit, and sometimes doctors can concur with other doctors, regardless of their field of specialization.


It may cost time, or more, in the end

Remember that failure to discuss all your medical conditions and disability insurance benefits status could reduce the physician support you may need to have your claim approved or win your appeal.  It may also result in the need for additional visits to the doctor to specifically discuss your disability when paperwork must be completed or when your doctors are contacted by the insurer.

Sometimes, even when you have discussed everything with your doctor, they may not be willing to do disability insurance paperwork.  And even if they completed the paperwork, your claim could still be denied.  If you have been denied disability insurance benefits – give our office a call to see if we can help you get the benefits you deserve.  813-839-2000