Contingency Fee Agreements

There are many law firms that offer representation based on a contingency agreement.  But what does this mean?  What is a contingency fee agreement and how does that work?

What is a contingency fee agreement?

A contingency fee agreement means that the fee you would pay to the attorney for their services is contingent upon something, usually some type of success.  With our firm, you will not pay a fee and we will not collect costs unless we get you money, whether that be a approval of benefits, a settlement, or winning your case in a lawsuit.

How does a contingency fee agreement work?

In a contingency fee agreement, the attorney(s) will begin working on your case without you having to pay them anything up front.  Costs that are incurred for your case are paid by the attorney.  Upon successful completion of your case, attorney’s fees and costs would be paid from any money awarded, and the remainder would go to the client.  But what happens if the attorney doesn’t win your case?

Do I have to pay anything if I don’t win my case?

You certainly don’t have to pay a fee to the attorney if you obtain no money because any percentage of zero is zero.  But what about costs?  Your fee agreement that you signed in the beginning states that you are responsible for your costs.  Otherwise the attorney would be lending the client money, which is ethically prohibited.  While it’s true that you may have incurred costs and are responsible for them, attorneys are under no obligation to collect those costs in those unusual cases where no favorable result is obtained.

Is a contingency fee agreement better than paying an attorney?

Contingency fee agreements make legal services available to people who would not otherwise be able to afford representation.  If you’re in a position to pay an attorney by the hour, then you should discuss your options carefully with the attorney & decide which arrangement makes the most sense for you.

If you have a disability insurance policy that has been denied and our firm represents you on a contingency fee basis, you will not owe us any fees or costs if we don’t get you money!