“I’m very happy with the work Mr. Coffman and the firm did on my case. I highly recommend for any insurance disability claim! They worked hard and were successful in winning the appeal. I am truly blessed!  Thanks from my heart Denae, David, and Coffman. God Bless you all.”

-M. Mercedes in Pembroke Pines, FL

“Highly recommend for any insurance disability claim!! There was not a person in the staff, that was not understanding, kind, thorough and efficient. I was in a situation where I could only make one appeal on a denial and i am so blessed to have found them. All communication and phone calls were returned promptly. I was treated with kindness and reassurance. They worked hard and were successful in winning the appeal. I am truly blessed !!! Call them… they truly care for you ! Thanks from my heart Denae, David and Mr Coffman”

-Darlene L. in Englewood, FL

“Coffman law firm represented me in a case against Cigna Insurance, where as Cigna had shut off my longterm disability payments. Cigna has a reputation of shutting off payments to people by saying they didn’t receive information or by twisting the truth. Mr. Coffman was able to get my payments reinstated and the back pay they had shorted me on. The Coffman law firm is very professional and helpful, thank- you Mr. Coffman!”

-Ken K. in Lake Alfred, FL

“God sent me to Coffman Law after I prayed for help!  After receiving LTD through Cigna for many years, they decided to stop my benefits for no reason.  Not only is Mr. Coffman the best of attorneys, but his compassionate and caring ways are so appreciated when you are facing a lack of income suddenly.  I live in Palm Bay Fl. and I didn’t even have to go to Tampa. We did everything through telephone and fax. Amazing experience. Mr. Coffman got my benefits back, and I chose to get a lump sum which allowed me to buy a car, and move to a better place.  There are no words to really thank you guys.  All I can say is May The Lord continue to bless you and use you to bless others.”

-Ana T in Palm Bay, FL

“I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Coffman and his staff. They made such an overwhelming process so much easier. They kept me up to date with my case, but never seemed bothered if I called them for anything. Denae and David were wonderful. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Coffman. He did an excellent job! Thank you so much!”

-Janelle S. in Lakeland, FL

“What a fantastic attorney and staff. How often do you hear that about a lawyer?? Seriously, they truly care about their work and they’re very responsive when a client has a question. I highly recommend this Attorney if your insurance company is denying your benefits.”

-Kimmy K. in Fort Myers, FL.

“PROFESSIONAL, EFFICIENT, COMPASSIONATE, HONEST These words immediately come to mind to describe the staff as well as my experience with Coffman Law. Mr Coffman, David, Denae, and Tiffany were integral to the successful outcome of my disability case. After losing two appeals for disability with an insurance company, I was discouraged and worried it was not worth pursuing. I’m fortunate to have retained Coffman Law. From my initial consultation with the knowledgeable and empathetic, Mr Coffman, throughout the entire process, I felt represented and had people advocating for me. I never had to “check in” for information; I was updated at every juncture via phone or email. David, Denae and Tiffany are great assets to the firm. Many thanks to all at Coffman Law for helping me.”

-Cynthia M. in Spring Hill, FL

“I was new to this sort of ordeal . Coffman Law was recommended to me . His office staff were great as well as Mr. Coffman himself. Answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. I will recommended them to anyone.”

-Sandra G. in Englewood, FL

“Extremely professional people working for this firm. I am so thankful I had Mr. Coffman being on my side. Denae and Tiffany were always ready and willing to answer any of my questions. I would absolutely recommended them to anyone who has the hassle of fighting with their short and long term disability insurance companies!”

-Janine K. in North Port, FL

“Top notch law firm that goes above and beyond to make their clients happy. Mr. Coffman and his firm handled all aspects of my disability claim and guided me through the entire process . A+++++”

-Brenda B. in Tampa, FL

“Coffman Law Firm was a Godsend. The disability company denied my claim on both my Short term and Long term policy. I was out of work for just about a year when the decision was made to deny my benefits. I had not received any funds from my disability policy at all. I just couldn’t understand how after paying into a policy for 7 years when I needed the use of the policy, with substantiated claims, the disability company can deny me. Mr. Coffman and Denea were professional, patient and successful in securing the positive outcome of my disability claim. I was awarded full back pay. I would recommend this firm to any who might be in need of their services.”

-Diane J. in Roseland, FL

“I cannot tell you enough about how awesome Coffman Law Group is as they helped me through my journey of getting my rightfully due settlement from my insurance company. Never have I worked with such professional people that were always willing to listen and help. Their patience with me was phenomenal because I was in a panic. Mr. Coffman explained everything to me, because I’m slow… Several times. I know nothing about the legal system and his team Denae, David and Tiffany were always polite, professional and helpful. They did everything for me! I couldn’t have asked for a better company to handle my case. Thank God it’s over and I thank each and everyone of these people. I feel like I personally know each one individually because they made me feel so comfortable and not embarrassed at all to ask them questions. They were all so compident and sincerely cared, that I would recommend them to anyone without a doubt! Thank you Coffman Law Group!! May God bless you all !!!”

-Deborah P. in Lake Wales, FL

“If you are having a bad experience while getting or trying to get disability, seek advice from lawyer specializing in disability. I did my homework and it was clear that Coffman Law is the best out there! He has many cases with a successful outcome and the best thing is that he can litigate your case as well. I hired him and my case ended with a successful outcome. Don’t let insurance companies dictate and deny your benefits. Call Coffman Law!!”

– Jesus G. in Inverness, FL

“I cannot thank enough Coffman Law for assisting me in getting my benefits when my insurance company continue to deny them over and over even with proof of my disability and me submitting to them all my info.  Mr. Coffman and his staff are very knowledgeable and are real people with empathy to your cause.  They each have been through something and know what it is to be denied your rights especially when it comes to disability.  They were always in communication with me via phone or email and kept me up to date with everything that was going on with my case.  Most importantly their professionalism, expertise and their willingness to fight for you is what is I admire most because they also made me feel like family.  I would recommend them to anyone who is being denied their benefits because this firm and their staff will go all out for you in representing you against the insurances that are practicing bad faith against you and your disability.  Thank you soo much Coffman Law and may God bless you all!”

– Angel R. in Tampa, FL

“Coffman Law was the right choice for me, and I strongly believe that they are the only choice for anyone seeking help when dealing with an insurance company regarding Short Term/Long Term disability.
I did a lot of research in advance and found Coffman Law to be the clear choice. I highly recommend them!

After contacting Coffman Law with a very challenging case, Mr Coffman and his team got right to work. I felt that a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
Mr Coffman explained each step of the process in detail to me.
Every question and phone call I made to Coffman Law was met with courteous and knowledgeable answers in a very timely manner, if not immediately. I felt like the team truly cared about me, and like I was their only client and top priority at all times. I cannot say enough good things about the entire team.

Mr Coffman personally handles all cases……. and he knows his stuff! He is Extremely passionate about winning.
Mr Coffman will fight with everything he has to win your case.
I have never felt like I was in more capable hands.
Thank you to Mr Coffman and the team at Coffman law!”

-Ken C. in Holiday, FL

“Thank you very much for all the time you have spent on my law suit against my long-term disability claim with UNUM. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family. It is really and truly appreciated. Also, I wanted to say, I would highly recommend you to my friends and family if they ever had a case like this and needed a lawyer. Thank you again to you Mr. Coffman and your law firm that has done so much for my family and myself.”

-Melissa B. in Palm Coast, FL

“Earlier this year (2016) I was in need of a good attorney to help me fight an uphill battle against one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S., who had denied both my Short Term and Long Term Disability claims. After numerous phone calls to local attorneys, I discovered that there is only one attorney truly qualified to take up my fight because my particular case was an ERISA case. I don’t personally know of any other attorneys that handle ERISA claims. Only through a referral from another attorney was I able to find Coffman Law. The referral to Mr. Coffman was the best thing that could happen. From the start Mr. Coffman advised that he would work hard for me, assuring me he would take my case to the highest courts possible – he felt that good about his ability to win. Being denied STD and LTD by my employer’s insurance company caught me totally off guard. I had no idea how I would ever survive without any income based on the insurance company’s denial of my claims. Once I spoke with Mr. Coffman, I felt that he was my “angel in disguise”. Right up front he explained what he could and would do for me. Patience is not one of my virtues, but he told me to hang in there. With his level of confidence about my case I trusted him implicitly. That trust paid off 7 mos. later when I was awarded both STD and LTD and received all the back pay owed to me. If you are ever in a situation where you need a good benefits attorney, Coffman Law is who you need to contact. His whole team (David, Denae, Tiffany) worked diligently and kept me up to date on everything that was going on. They are all very kind and are, “hands down”, the best law firm I have had the pleasure to work with. I highly recommend you give them a call if you have any problems with benefits you may have been denied. You won’t regret it!”

-Janice T. in Clermont, FL

“I had my LTD Benefits denied two previous times before I hired Coffman Law so I knew I had to have the best on my last Appeal to a Large Disability Insurance Co. Coffman Law Cares & were recommended to me by one of the most reputable firm in Jax., FL. They handled my case with empathy, provided a team of specialists in the Disability Processes, ensured any critical medical documentation was prepared & supporting documents were obtained. Since Coffman Law has been representing clients who have been denied benefits for many years, with a impressive success rate, the commercial Disability Carriers recognize their name & are aware of their outstanding reputation. They were successful in my case, my benefits were reinstated & my backpay was paid promptly. I highly recommend Attorney Coffman & his entire staff at Coffman Law!”

-Elisa K. in Jacksonville, FL

“After being denied benefits owed to me, and other attorneys that promised to help, but did not, I was fortunate enough to find Mr. Coffman and his wonderful staff. Mr. Coffman, David, Denae, and Tiffany worked long and hard to fight my battles for me. Extremely knowledgeable, and competent, they treated me like family and went over and above for me. I am forever grateful. I highly recommend this firm.”

-Bonita K. in Tampa, FL

“Coffman Law was OUTSTANDING! It was a true pleasure to deal with such a professional staff. I have worked with another law firm that never returned phone calls and asked me to send them paperwork. Coffman law did all the leg work and just kept me informed. Mr. Coffman spoke with me and went over my options and how he would handle this case and what to expect. He handled my case in a timely manner and the end result was what he said he it would be. I am so thankful for Mr. Coffman and his staff, they are truly a great law firm!”

Randi A. in Port Orange, FL

“Coffman Law was wonderful to me. At first I was hesitant to go up against a big corporation for my back wages. Mr. Coffman was so reassuring that we had a very good chance of winning. He made me feel secure. I loved his staff, they called me on a regular basis and always kept me abreast of what was going on with my case. I would recommend their firm to anyone. I rate them with over and above 5 stars, because I’m ecstatic with my end result and I have Mr. Coffman and his wonderful staff to thank. Thank you again for your diligence and hard work in getting me what I was rightfully owed.”

-Debra R. in Jensen Beach, FL

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent work performed on my behalf in my disability case. I very much enjoyed meeting you and was particularly impressed with your knowledge of the ERISA statute and your professional approach to the entire process.”

-James K. in Tampa, FL

“I had been denied by my employer’s Short Term Disability insurer for coverage and my appeal was denied as well. This was due to the rare nature of my disability. Instead of focusing on my health and trying to find a way to get better, I was spending way too much time and effort doing work for, and fighting with, the insurance company. Mr. Coffman and his team were a lifesaver. His knowledge and guidance were exactly what we needed. He and his staff took the time to explain things I didn’t understand and really took charge. They were very empathetic and did a fantastic job dealing with the insurance company and fighting for me. They were very proactive as well in anticipating things that the insurance company might do or ask for. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney and team to work with. They were able to get the STD and LTD benefits for me that we needed. We are so happy and grateful to Mr. Coffman and his team for their hard work, compassion, and professionalism.”

– Jeff H. in Tampa, FL

“The insurance company proved impossible for my wife and me to deal with. The best decision we made was to call your office. From the first conversation through the completion of our engagement, we always felt that everyone at your office truly cared about our situation and always had our best interests at heart. We never felt like we were just a “number” in all of our conversations with you. The work that you did removed much of the stress we were feeling due to lack of income and brought a sense of stability back into our lives.”

-Ernie N. in Safety Harbor, FL

“You saved my home and family…the manner you handled it was so respectful to my circumstance”

-Theresa T. in Daytona Beach, FL

” I came to the point that this was a lost cause. I sincerely appreciate your efforts in settling my insurance claim.”

– Shirley

“Thank you so much for everything you did for me. You are a gentleman and a scholar with a heart of gold. I was and continue to be highly impressed with the determination you had to help me during the mediation.”

-Ana C. in Tampa, FL

“I wanted to thank you again for your diligent performance on my disability case. I am glad I chose you to represent me and I would gladly refer you to others.”

-Tony S. in Saint Cloud, FL

“I have been blessed to have you as my attorney during these few months. I truly appreciate you and your staff for all the hard work and diligence regarding my case.”

-Lola C.-Y. in Daytona Beach, FL

“I asked in prayer that He lead me to someone who’d be sincere and do their very best for me. I believe you did that. You’re first and foremost an ERISA attorney, but you also show concern and compassion for your client.”

-Arnetta A. in Brandon, FL

“My words are extremely inadequate in expressing the depth of my appreciation for the exemplary manner in which yourself as well as your office reflected in my representation. I am grateful for the words you offered during our initial consult, “…I am going to do for you what I would want someone to do for me.” Please know your efforts will long be remembered”.

-Penny D. in Malabar, FL

“I just wanted to thank you very much for taking my case and winning my case. I really appreciate all the hard work you & your team did for me!”

-Maria P in Cape Coral, FL

“Your kindness meant so much and was deeply appreciated.”

-Linda K. in Cape Coral, FL

“I just wanted to offer a final and sincere ‘Thanks’ for your (and your staff’s) efforts on my behalf. Everyone I dealt with on your staff proved to be highly competent, professional, and courteous. I am certainly glad I decided to call you instead of just walking away from the situation without a ‘fight’. I am thankful every day for that chapter of my life being closed and for the outcome. Thanks to you and your staff for a job well done!”

-Tim D. in Wesley Chapel, FL

“Thank you for all your professional help in my time of need”

-William O. in Sanford, FL

“Thank you for believing and making the right thing come true.”

-Mary F. in Dunedin, FL

“Thank you for all you have done. You made a huge difference in our lives.”

-Cynthia W. in Lutz, FL

“Words cannot express how appreciative I am to you and your team. My entire life was turned upside down by decisions made outside of my control. If not for Coffman Law, I know my life would have continued that downward spiral. All of your team had a huge role to play in my successful case. …always professional, upbeat, yet empathetic on the really dark days…nice prompt and followed up with me…restored my faith in the ‘Hearts of Attorneys’. You’re the best Mr. Coffman. You worked my case with confidence, integrity, and patience.”

-Lisa K. in Jacksonville, FL

“You were so kind to me every time I called.”

-Clarissa R. in Ft. Myers, FL

“…Thanking everyone at Coffman Law for the excellent service you gave me. I would not have received my disability were it not for you.”

-Natasha B. in Lake Worth, FL

“Thank you all for everything you have done for me and especially for winning my case.”

-Judy A. in Port Richey, FL

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