Finding out that your ERISA claim has been denied can be incredibly stressful, and navigating the complex appeals process may seem daunting. At Coffman Law, we want to help you get the benefits you need. We have been serving Florida residents since 2003, working only in the area of disability insurance appeals and litigation.

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For most individuals who receive their insurance as an employee benefit, a federal statute known as ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, controls the administration of their benefits. This federal law can be complex and sets out certain procedures and timelines that must be followed in order to successfully appeal a claim denial.

The best way to successfully appeal an ERISA claim denial is to work with a law firm that is familiar with how ERISA administration works, and that has experience with the appeals process. At Coffman Law, we want to help you build a strong case to reverse the decision that left you without insurance coverage. Given the strict deadlines for ERISA appeals, we encourage individuals to call us soon after receiving their denial, so we have the necessary time to help clients pull together the documentation they need to succeed in the appeals process.

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Being unsuccessful in your initial appeal does not mean that you will never get disability insurance coverage. Our firm has successfully appealed cases to the federal courts. We understand what it takes to be successful in these appeals, and we will do whatever we can to get you the coverage that you need.

William Coffman, our founding partner and a preeminent ERISA law attorney, brings a unique academic background in writing to our firm, creating a standard of persuasive appellate briefs that are well-researched, well-argued and well-written. In an area of law where well-crafted arguments provide the best chance of success, this focus on fundamentals gives our clients added confidence that their case is in good hands.

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