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Assume Big Brother is Watching

From time to time, insurance companies may use the services of a private investigator to conduct surveillance on a claimant. While this isn’t something to live in fear of, it is something to recognize. Surveillance may result in subjective video that could cause your benefits to be denied or terminated. While you might reasonably assume that normal activities of daily living shouldn’t result in a denial, they can. For example, a very large box delivered at your front door that contains two ultra-light plush pillows just shows you carrying a very large box. A gallon of milk weighs eight pounds
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Always Make Sure the Doctor Knows Everything

If you are seeking disability due to a number of ailments, you are probably seeing specialists for your issues. Always keep in mind that just because you go to your PCP for a common cold, doesn’t mean that your answer, when asked about the reason for your visit, should stop at “I have a cold”. State everything you are suffering from at every visit, and even if you see specialists for your conditions, mention all of them to avoid generating a medical record that may make it appear that you are fine that day, with the exception of the cold.
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Social Media Is Part of the Picture

What you post on the web can hurt your disability insurance claim. Many people overlook the impact of photos. Not only can current photos hurt your claim, but photos from past life events can hurt your chances of obtaining benefits. Remember, a claim manager may not notice the date stamp on a profile picture depicting you white water rafting, taken seven years ago before you had any medical problems. You should always assume that the insurance company has access to your social media accounts, follows them, and uses the information available there in evaluating your claim. Please follow and like
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